Center Pain’s Dr. Fishman Discusses Research on an Advanced Pain Treatment

Michael Fishman, MD, MBA, Director of Research at the Center for Interventional Pain & Spine, recently presented data on a new treatment for intractable chronic pain. This innovative therapy is called Differential Target Multiplexed Spinal Cord Stimulation (DTM-SCS) and has shown profound results in controlling back and leg pain. 

This novel technique so far outperforms conventional spinal stimulation treatments for the treatment of intractable back pain.  In the study, 80% of the subjects treated with DTM-SCS achieved a >50% reduction in their back pain.  Two out of three subjects had more than 80% relief of their back pain.  On average, subjects achieved a 74% reduction in back pain and 72% reduction in leg pain.  These are among the best outcomes for spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of back pain ever presented.

What makes this treatment different from other spinal stimulation therapies is its focus on glial cells, which play an important role in pain maintenance. Targeting these cells can help influence chronic pain and lead to better treatment outcomes.

“This approach targets pain as a biological process, not just an electrical signal,” said Dr. Fishman in a Pain Medicine News article, explaining how DTM-SCS works.

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