Patient Testimonial

Success stories of the different patients treated by Center Pain

  • I like Dr. Venk, he’s really on it! He’s just very knowledgeable. He was really straight and stern and made me feel comfortable with all his knowledge. He didn’t beat around the bush, he came in and did what he needed to do and I liked that a lot. Nilima is very gentle. She asks me questions like ‘how do you feel today’ she’s very personable and very soothing. I like the staff but they are always changing – but they are pretty good. One of my friends told me about you guys so I had to check it out.

    N. K Patient
  • This place is good. Dr. Venk is great and so is Nilima. I definitely come here because they actually do care and they don’t just give you meds and walk away. I was having more increased pain and had two surgeries and I was pretty much concerned about being on pain meds and Dr. Venk found an alternative med and that was huge! Dr. Venk really looked out for me. I love Nilima!

    L. B Patient
  • Basically, this is the most friendliest environment. They are always helping, smiling, asking questions. It’s like they don’t bring their problems into work. I’ve never seen anything like this. You see Dr. Woo but I mainly see Jessica and she’s  great.

    Anonymous Patient
  • Its wonderful here. My doc even gave me his personal number. I was having abdominal problems and Dr. Duffy sent me straight to the hospital and gave me his personal number so when I could tell him when I got out and how everything went. The friendliness here just lifts you right up. The staff treats me beautifully. Dr. Brown referred me over here and it’s been great.

    R. O Patient
  • I’ve been here for a few years… I found Dr. Kim online through google. I wouldn’t trade Dr. Kim. He listens to me and explains everything very well. I live past Allentown and I travel here for Dr. Kim. The staff is great! They yell at me if I don’t bring the dogs down!

    R.C - Initials Patient
  • We found Dr. Kim online… Dr. Kim was so kind to take me on from my previous pain doctor. He helps me with my CRPS. I went from a wheelchair, to walker, to a cane, and now I can walk on my own. Dr. Kim makes me feel comfortable, he listens to anything and takes the time with me. He’s respectful, kind, and funny. He cheers my accomplishments. He is completely open to medical marijuana and that has changed my life. I’ve been to a lot of surgeons and doctors and dr. Kim is the best. He is so patient with me and I love that. From everybody here, from the staff to the nurses they are great - he makes me very happy! He actually cares, when he saw me walk again without a cane… I think he cried.. he hugged me and celebrated with me! The staff did as well!

    Sarah, E Patient
  • I’ve been here for a while. For me to find somewhere who’s going to deal with me and stay with me is amazing. They have tolerated ,and found what I needed. I’ve been to a million doctors, 32 years of chronic pain. This is my place now. They are more personable here and they are listening. They have turned into family for me. Dr. Woo knows his stuff. I love Jessica and she actually helped me a lot through this. She knew what I was going through and really helped me so much. I’ve been good ever since!

    T. G Patient
  • I go between the Silverside and Brandywine office.. and the practice itself is always friendly and helpful. The staff goes above and beyond. I’ve seen Dr. Nasr and I love him. I never feel the injection from him like I used to at my old doctor. I found you all online and it’s been a great experience since. I haven’t been able to complain within the last year.

    Desiree S. Patient
  • My experience has been wonderful. Dr. Winas is excellent! He comes in shakes my hand and he’s hugged me if I have a rough day. He explains everything to me. He always talks to me before, during, and after the procedure and that makes me feel comfortable.  The staff is excellent as well, they couldn’t be any better! I would refer any of my friends/family here. I actually just referred someone on Monday.

    S. G Patient
  • The staff is amazing. They are always very helpful and go over the top to make this horrible experience better. I came in worried to not be able to live my daily life due to a horrible accident but Dr. Woo has been a fabulous physician that has given me a second chance at life to do daily life activities especially with my husband and child. Dr. Woo has given me a second chance at this wonderful life.

    Lisa P Patient
  • I’ve been with Dr. Woo for a couple years now. I can walk farther now than I could ever do before and my pain is much better. The staff are my girls! Dr. Woo is my man. He really helps me out. Jessica is my girl too!

    C.M Patient
  • I found you guys online –  through google. I came from Wilmington hospital adult medicine. Dr. Woo has you on the right track. He listens to me for everything. When you need him, he schedules you to come back right away. As long as Dr. Woo doesn’t leave, there is nothing for them to improve. I got all my family and friends coming here to see Dr. Woo. Staff is more than great -  Helpful, respectful, and organized!

    J.R Patient
  • I’ve been here since 2011, I came here from Dr. Peterson’s. My overall experience has been good. I’ve had a couple changes…Dr. Woo is great! He listens, always asks me before he does anything and communicates well. He understands me and my pain. You guys are great!! I have referred a lot of people here – all my cousins! 5 stars

    K.R Patient
  • My experience here has been extremely positive, this office is effective and Dr. Fishman listens. I’ve been seeing Dr. Myers and he told me about Dr. Fishman. Nothing to improve on, just keep being honest! Most definitely referred you guys, I actually already have. My sister will be coming here shortly! I’m treated with respect here and the issues I’m having Dr. Fishman has made many attempts to help me rather than giving up on me.

    Ruthanne K. Patient
  • I enjoy coming here. The office visits are usually short , you’re in and out. The staff is kind. I went online looking for Pain Management doctors – I called and I had an office visit within the week, I never had to wait it was prompt and on time. No improvement needed….bathrooms are clean, office is clean. I love the new furniture. I would definitely refer to you guys.

    D.D.S Patient
  • Basically for 16 years I have been suffering with RSD. I have had 3 knee replacements and no one could ever seem to get my pain under control. My last knee replacement on my right knee was just over two years ago. I had problems with it from day one. After continuing to go back to my orthopedic, they basically said that there wasn’t anything they could do. I did some research on pain management doctors and I found Dr. Fishman. On my first appointment he knew exactly what was causing the pain in my right knee. I was and continue to be impressed with his knowledge, and his care for his patients. He listens to you, and that’s extremely rare these days. In December he introduced me to the Bioness Stim Router. It is amazing! Right now I haven’t been able to wear it because of some type of skin reaction I’m having. We’re thinking because of the sweat on my leg. Dr. Fishman works with me and continues to try and control my pain. He does not abandon you because things get difficult. I have had hope from the day I met him. He is truly on of the most amazing, thoughtful, caring human beings I have ever met. Oh, plus he’s an awesome doctor! Lol

    Laura T Patient
  • Thank you for what you and your staff have done for me. This is the best I have felt in a year – walking around my home without a cane. Still have some pain now and then – but nothing like before. You and your staff are great!

    Bob R. Patient
  • I speak on behalf of my son, Daniel who is non-verbal; Dr. Kim is sincere, kind-hearted and always pleasant. Dr. Kim and his staff are comforting and empathetic. Daniel is usually nervous and tense around doctors but his calm body language around Dr. Kim speaks volumes.

    Gloria H Mother of patient Daniel H
  • I had a back operation 20 years ago and since then the pain has been getting more severe. After going to see Dr. Kim and getting a back injection I am in no pain at all. I can pick up my grandkids again, and i am more flexible now then I have ever been.

    James DeRosa Patient
  • Dr. Kim was able to reduce the pain I had in my head, neck and back with the use of a pain pump. I can now do things I was unable to do for a very long time. Dr. Kim listens…he is compassionate and made me feel like he truly cared

    Anthony F Patient

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