Patient Testimonial

Success stories of the different patients treated by Center Pain

  • Basically for 16 years I have been suffering with RSD. I have had 3 knee replacements and no one could ever seem to get my pain under control. My last knee replacement on my right knee was just over two years ago. I had problems with it from day one. After continuing to go back to my orthopedic, they basically said that there wasn’t anything they could do. I did some research on pain management doctors and I found Dr. Fishman. On my first appointment he knew exactly what was causing the pain in my right knee. I was and continue to be impressed with his knowledge, and his care for his patients. He listens to you, and that’s extremely rare these days. In December he introduced me to the Bioness Stim Router. It is amazing! Right now I haven’t been able to wear it because of some type of skin reaction I’m having. We’re thinking because of the sweat on my leg. Dr. Fishman works with me and continues to try and control my pain. He does not abandon you because things get difficult. I have had hope from the day I met him. He is truly on of the most amazing, thoughtful, caring human beings I have ever met. Oh, plus he’s an awesome doctor! Lol

    Laura T Patient
  • Thank you for what you and your staff have done for me. This is the best I have felt in a year – walking around my home without a cane. Still have some pain now and then – but nothing like before. You and your staff are great!

    Bob R. Patient
  • I speak on behalf of my son, Daniel who is non-verbal; Dr. Kim is sincere, kind-hearted and always pleasant. Dr. Kim and his staff are comforting and empathetic. Daniel is usually nervous and tense around doctors but his calm body language around Dr. Kim speaks volumes.

    Gloria H Mother of patient Daniel H
  • I had a back operation 20 years ago and since then the pain has been getting more severe. After going to see Dr. Kim and getting a back injection I am in no pain at all. I can pick up my grandkids again, and i am more flexible now then I have ever been.

    James DeRosa Patient
  • Dr. Kim was able to reduce the pain I had in my head, neck and back with the use of a pain pump. I can now do things I was unable to do for a very long time. Dr. Kim listens…he is compassionate and made me feel like he truly cared

    Anthony F Patient

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